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In Shop Restoration & Repair

A variety of considerations contribute to the value of restoring a piano: Does the piano have an inherent market value after restoration greater than the cost of repairs? Can another piano of greater performance level or value be purchased for the same amount as the repair?
Is the instrument fundamentally sound prior to repair, and does it have the potential to satisfy the owner’s priorities after the work is finished? If answering these questions leads to performing restorative work, we will perform that work with pride and commitment.

On Site Tuning Regulating & Voicing

For more than 35 years we have been servicing pianos on site. We tune, regulate, voice and repair pianos for Churches, homes, Concert halls, recording studios and teachers. Call or email to schedule an appointment.


High quality workmanship 

We use time consuming techniques like double-fit pinblocks, individually calculated bridge caps and the Spurlock method for soundboard repair. We use manufacturer’s brand name parts whenever possible unless greater performance is available from another supplier.

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