On Location

Servicing pianos for great players also means going to great places. Here are a few regular haunts...

Candian Opera Co - Toronto
Rehearsal - Canadian Opera
Van Morrison Drum Kit - Massey Hall
Lyle Lovett - Massey Hall
Aretha Franklin Percussion - Casino Rama
Bradshaw Amphitheatre - Four Seasons Centre
Stockey Centre - Parry Sound
Stockey Centre
Orford Six - Festival of the Sound
Dave Young, Terry Clarke, Gene DiNovi
Drums - Stockey Centre
Rehearsal - Canadian Opera
Jarvis St Church
Rehearsal Hall - Four Seasons Centre
Pentecostal Church - Brampton
Lyle Lovett - Massey Hall
Canadian Opera - Four Seasons Centre
Rock Band Rehearsal space - Toronto
Orford Six Piano - Festival of the Sound
Thornhill Church
Ambitious Art - Shelburne
The drive along Front St
Nat'l Ballet - Piano Concerto
Canadian Opera Co
Bradshaw Amphitheatre - Steinway D
Tuning - Festival of the Sound

©2021 Gerber's Pianoworks. All photos on this site by Ted Gerber except "Ted Tuning" and "Orford Six Piano" shots by Mark Rash (Winnipeg)