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Our Strategy

Find great Steinways suitable for restoration, and sell them direct to the end user. A few times each year, we go on a buying trip to one of a variety of suppliers throughout the North Eastern US. Out of dozens of choices, we select a few Steinway grands that have the unique and incomporable Steinway sound within, and are in a state such that the tone can be brought out.

It's all about the wood

Specifically the Soundboard.

Like the top of a fine violin or acoustic guitar, the Soundboard is the single biggest factor in the quality of an instrument’s sound. We believe that an original Steinway soundboard in good repair is the foundationof a great sounding instrument. It has become popular to replace old Soundboards with premade, template-based White Spruce boards, and present the piano as better than new, but if you change the soundboard of a Steinway it is no longer a Steinway.


Our Quality is High

We’re a small, personal company.

We have very low overhead and administration costs. We do not have a large show room, and are very strict about pianos we may take in on trade. We use time consuming techniques like double-fit pinblocks, individually calculated bridge caps and the Spurlock method for soundboard repair. We love bringing the best out of a piano, and pairing it with someone else who loves it too.

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